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Harry/Hermione Comment Ficathon

Ok so if you've heard, there's reason for Harry/Hermione shippers to party. This is such a party.

Here are some guidelines


You can prompt anything about Harry/Hermione. Canon compliant, AU, post-canon, etc.

Please post your prompts on the following format:

Character (optional if you want either Harry or Hermione PoV) - Timeline (optional) - Prompt (NOT optional)

Your prompt can be anything, a song lyric, a quote, a sentence with an idea.


There are no restrictions of length, format, or number of responses for a prompt. AKA, feel free to respond to a prompt that already has responses.

Please title ALL responses with the title of your fic by using the bold tag!
Use the following format:

Title - Rating


Copy/Paste this:

Shipping wars of all types are FORBIDDEN so if you wanna come here to be an asshole, turn around, this isn't the place.
Disney: Castle


Omgsh I made icons!
20inspirations' round 11 was indeed rather inspiring. Maybe just because I always wanted to do this thing of pairing icons to songs, or maybe it's just that I am mildly obsessed with Meet the Robinsons, so bear the results: 26 Meet the Robinsons icons.

There's, I think a lot of different things, but I am aware there are a few icons with two caps, and I realize that I did this repeatedly because to me, the heart of the movie is how Lewis reacts to what happens to him and others. So in many cases I found his expression to be just as important as whatever else happened... idk.
Also, Lewis is my sweetheart in this film. I adore him and find his journey deeply moving so clearly, most of these are Lewis. AND ALSO: IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS MOVIE, DO SO IMMEDIATELY. YOU ARE MISSING OUT SO HARD.


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Ballet: Nela my queen also the Black Swa

New phase. New promo!

scifiverse  is an interactive competition inspired by communities like whedonland andjjverse  and encompassing the science fiction genre. Members are sorted into teams and then complete challenges such as writing fic, making graphics, and solving puzzles. It is currently preparing for Phase One, which will run October 20 - January 16. 

To join the game, go to the sorting post to be sorted into a team. If you're new to land comms or need to know the specifics of how Scifiverse works, see the FAQ Post for more information.

Team Robots Terminators, Cylons, Droids, and more
Team Aliens From Superman to E.T. to the Na’vi
Team Alternates The "us" of alternate realities
Team Travelers Through space and time or between dimensions
Fringe: Olive qt


Title: Breach
Characters/Parings: Peter/Olivia
Song: No Curtain Call - Maroon 5
Length: 2:34
Notes: This was inspired by the glyph word on Fringe 3.03 Breach. I must say I am not that much into Peter/Olivia but jeez, it has to be said that breaching universes for each other is pretty epic as far as epic ships go. The end of 3.03 was SO intense and epic, I must've watched it half a dozen times. It's pretty epic and amazing, so for my qt Sidekicks, I vidded this. 2nd place on the Video Challenge on scifiland